Care & Use

Pantyliners (No PUL)
  • Menstrual Bleeding - use soaking method to minimize staining until laundered. Machine wash, cold water, dry with heat. No fabric softeners, they will reduce absorbency. You can use white vinegar in place of them.
  • Incontinence/Discharge - simply wash with regular laundry. Soaking is not needed. Machine wash and dry with heat. Again, no fabric softeners please, but vinegar is okay.
How To Use:
  1. Place in panties with pad facing you.
  2. Secure snaps around underwear
  3. Change when pad becomes soiled

Menstrual Pads w/PUL
  • Use soaking method* until wash day to minimize staining
  • Machine wash cold water
  • Dry with heat
  • Do NOT iron
  • Do NOT use bleach, vinegar, or fabric softener when washing
How to Use:
  1. Place in underwear with flannel towards you. The flannel is always the top portion of the pad
  2. Place quilter's cotton against panties.
  3. Fasten Snap
  4. Change when soiled
Soaking Method:
Simply fill a container with cool to room temp. water. When you remove your pad, place in water to soak. Change water daily until ready to launder. I use a plastic pitcher with a lid to make water changing easy. Dump pitcher is washer & wash as usual.

If you ever notice that your pads have an unpleasant odor after laundering, they they need to be stripped. I have never had this problem. but sometimes this can occur. All it means is that you have a soap buildup within your pads. Simply wash with 1/8 the soap you would normally use. Run the pads through the rinse cycle until no soap is leeching from the pads & dry. All fixed :)

Nursing Pads
  • Machine wash & dry with normal laundry
  • Do NOT iron if your pads are leakproof
  • No fabric softeners 
  1. Center over nipple with flannel touching your breast
  2. You may layer multiple pads if yours are not leakproof
  3. If you have leakproof, place these farthest from your breast & layer non-leakproof close to use as the need presents itself
  4. Change to a dry set when they become damp/wet
Flannel Wipes
  • Remove bulk debris
  • Soak or pre-rinse to minimize staining
  • Wash & dry with cloth diapers, or other laundry
  • No fabric softeners
(There are many, many suggestions for care and storage of soiled wipes. These wipes can be used with whatever you choose. The soaking method used with menstrual pads works well.)

I hope these pads work as well for you as they have for me. If you have any questions when you are using them, feel free to contact me. Don't worry, I pass no judgement. We all have questions now and then, especially when we try new things. I am just excited that you are willing to make the change. I know that I was unsure at first, but now can't imagine using anything else. GOOD LUCK!