What size do I need? This is a question I am asked frequently. Well here is a guideline for sizing. This isn't perfect, but it should lead you in the right direction.

The Length is determined by what you feel comfortable with using. I recommend measuring something you are currently using and base your choice off of this measurement. It is a matter of preference. Your personal size has nothing to do with it.

WIDTH of pad
The width you choose has more to do with fit than anything. This is where you eliminate the dreaded bunching or shifting of the pad. Really, the width is determined by your overall frame. Bunching of the pad is caused when the pad is too large for your panties & bunches to fit between your legs. Shifting is caused when your panties are too loose (hang), or when the pad is much to large to fit your panties.

To find what width works for you:
  • Simply measure the width of your undergarment directly in the center from one leg to the other. (This measurement should be taken where your undergarment is directly under your lady parts). Then, choose a pad with the width closest to this measurement.
WIDTH of the wings
The width of the wings is determined by the style of panty you like to wear.
  • Boy cut, or wider cuts through the legs and butt, need a narrower wing. I know this sounds opposite, but the panty will bunch under a wide wing. All of my lengths come with a narrow option.
  • Standard Bikini,  high cut or any traditional cut panty will be fine with either width wing. They don't flare out as quickly & will not bunch.
Here is a list of the standard sizes I offer. Custom orders are not a problem at all. I cut each order when the order is placed, so I can create a custom pattern if I don't have the specifics you are looking to purchase. If you need help figuring out the perfect size, just let me know.
  • Petite - 6.5" x 2.5" (when snapped)
  • Average - 8" x 2.75"
  • Narrow Average - 8.5" x 2.5"
  • Long - 10" x 3"
  • Narrow Long - 10" x 2.75"
  • XL - 12" x 3"
  • XXL - 14" x 3"
  • XXXL - 16" x 3"
Flow is determined by how your period happens. Some women have a lighter flow for a longer time, others have a heavy/gush for a shorter period of time. Everyone is different, so you just have to go on personal experience.

  • LIGHT- I have made my light flow items for when you are spotting or have just a minimal flow. These are also great as a back up to your cup or tampon. They don't have the bulk of some of the heavier flows.
  • MEDIUM - This is when you are definitely bleeding, but can go 3+ hours without needing to change your pad. these are just like wearing 2 of the light flow pads. These are great to use when you can because they will dry faster than the heavy flow since there is less bulk.
  • HEAVY - This is for when  you are bleeding a lot! These are the thickest my machine will sew. There is a total of 3 layers of batting + 1 layer of flannel. These are great for when you are bleeding a lot. (usually at the beginning of your period) Depending on how fast you flow, you might still have to change these every 2 hours, but they hold a great deal of fluid.
  • GUSH - This happens to some ladies (usually more in those with PCOS, or something similar) It's almost like a faucet is running :) I say this from personal experience. I recommend the all flow pads for this. They are lined with microterry with absorbs fluid quickly, preventing run off. You will still have to change your pad frequently, depending on your personal situation.