Monday, November 19, 2012

TURKEY SALE!! Thursday - Monday

TURKEY SALE!!! Starting Thursday until Monday, there will be great stock up listings at my Etsy shop. The listings will be "2 pack" for 25% off what they would normally cost. Plus, you can use already exsisting coupon codes to double the savings, plus repeat customers receive a free gift for purchasing anything through December 31st. You will be able to choose your size, flow & snaps, but NOT fabric. Anything goes, but I assure you will not receive any holiday prints

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Shipping Schedule 2012

*If you are wanting your package by December 24, 2012, here are the purchase dates*

CUSTOM listings MUST be purchased on or before
December 3, 2012
CUSTOMIZED listings MUST be purchased on or before
December 10, 2012
QUICKSHIP listings MUST be purchased on or before
December 19, 2012

Supplies Cost

If you've noticed my price changes, here's why. Well the cost of materials has gone up significantly. I used to be able to get my core materials, with free shipping, at a discounted rate. Not any longer. I now buy in bulk to reduce cost, but I still have to pay a fairly high rate for shipping. I ony changed the price of some of the items to cover the additional shipping I now have to pay. If I can get the materials without shipping costs, they will be reduced back down. I am only covering my costs, not adding any profit.